Nominee Services

Oxford provides first class nominee services and support for assisting you to facilitate confidentiality for your business and financial anonymity at the best professional manner.

Oxford guarantees full confidentiality of the beneficial owners’ personal details and that no disclosure of such details shall be performed without the previous consent of the beneficial owner or as otherwise described by the law.

Oxford’s priority is to provide full protection to the beneficial owner and to ensure legal and corporate governance compliance.

Oxford offers the following nominee services:

Through nominee services you may ensure in a legal and legitimate way the confidentiality of your personal details and information and protect your business activities. Basically the appointed nominees will appear in the Corporate Register of the Company and anonymity of the beneficial owner of the Company can be achieved.

The appointed nominee will maintain superficial interest in the Company business and will accept instructions in respect to the operation and administration of the legal entity by the beneficial owners of that entity or any other person so authorized by the beneficial owners to give such instructions.


We maintain professional trustees to act as trustees for any kind of trusts.

Our clientele includes large multinational corporations and individuals who set up trusts for various reasons including asset protection, tax planning and inheritance planning

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