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Dubai Outsource Zone - (DOZ)DTMFZA (Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone Authority) undertakes the registration and establishment of companies in the exclusive Dubai Outsource Zone.

DOZ (Dubai Outsource Zone) is the first outsourcing industry dedicated free zone in the world. DOZ strategizes on the provision of a comprehensive infrastructure and economic environment for companies that intend to offer outsourcing services in the region.DOZ was initiated back in June 2004 by Dubai Internet City so as to address the growing market demands in the outsourcing industry.

From Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services such as accounting and billing, customer contact center support, sales and business development, human resources, payroll processing to KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) such as science and technology, research and development and Legal Process Outsourcing, the outstanding Dubai Outsource Zone helps in creating an efficient platform through which outsourcing companies can be able to operate hassle free.

Some of the giant Business Partners in DOZ are such as Nokia Siemens Networks, First Data, Mashreq Bank, AXA Insurance, Dunia Finance, Cupola, Arab Bank, Emirates Airlines Larsen & Tourobo InfoTech Ltd, Jumeirah Group and Al Futtaim Willis.


Commercial: Commercial developer, IT management, operations management and outsource in customer care.

Services: Hotel & leisure services and property management services.


Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLCA, FZ-LLC): formed as an independent legal entity with its shareholders as entities and or individuals. Each FZ-LLC should have a minimum of one director. Minimum share capital is AED 300,000.

Foreign or UAE Company Branch: A branch of an already existing UAE or a Foreign company is considered as a business place that constitutes a legal dependent part of the parent company and as such conducts part or all of its operations in relation to the parent company’s business. The branch is not considered as a legal separate entity from its parent company. The parent company should be at least two years old (in operation) and there is no share capital required.



  • Full foreign ownership;
  • Exemption of corporate and income tax for 50 years;/li>
  • Full capital and profit repatriation in any currency;/li>
  • Metro Ethernet Environment;/li>
  • Vibrant International Community;/li>
  • Close proximity to Dubai Airport (15 minutes distance);/li>
  • Closeness to Jebel Airport at a 45 minutes distance;/li>
  • More than 58 nationalities in DOZ;/li>
  • Business interaction and networking opportunities;/li>
  • Next generation communication systems and equipment’s;/li>
  • Affordable high speed data services and digital voice;/li>
  • Economically viable environment that attracts players from the banking, IT, airlines and hospitality industries;/li>
  • Confidentiality of business’s records./li>


Companies based in Dubai Outsource Zone enjoy a wide range of benefits that include the exemption of corporate and income tax for 50 years.




A list of the preferred company names should be provided to the authority. The authority tries its best to reserve the first name.


A minimum of one individual director / manager and no maximum number of directors. Corporate director / manager is not allowed.


At least one individual/corporate shareholder.


FZ-LLCs that are incorporated in Dubai Outsource Zone should have a minimum paid up share capital of AED 300,000.The share capital should be deposited in the bank account of the company and proof of the deposit forwarded to the authority. There are no minimum capital requirements for branch companies.


Companies are required to rent a facility and proof of the same be forwarded to the authority so as to receive a trade license.


The validity of a trade license is one year after which the license should be renewed before the expiry date or within a grace period of 30 days after the expiry of the license.


Companies should conduct an annual financial audit but as of now, there is no provision for filing the audit report. The reporting period is one years but companies are free to choose a period that is convenient to them. This period should however be not less than six months and not more than eighteen months.



The number of visas that a company is eligible for is mainly dependent on the office size taken by the company. Generally, one visa goes for 10 square meters and its assessment is done separately on a case by case basis. The assessment is also dependent on the business transactions carried out by the business. Visa processing normally takes 4-7 working days but this period is subject to immigration department’s approval.



  • If you wish to use a free zone company to trade within the UAE, there are two options that you can opt for. First, you can use an LLC company that holds an exports/ imports license or second, enter into an agreement with a logistics company that is to oversee the clearance of your goods and their subsequent delivery to the mainland. A free zone company is not allowed to retail its goods directly in the local market;
  • For service provision companies that wish to provide services to a company that is not within the free zone, the general rule provides that all services are to be provided within the free zone;
  • Holders of Free Zone licenses are permitted to import goods and equipments into the free zone without having to pay custom duties. Custom duty only applies when the goods are moved out of the free zone. There are unique warehousing facilities that are at the disposal of companies that intend to re-export the goods. In such a situation, a refundable fee deposit that is equal to the custom duty of the goods. Once the goods are re-exported, the deposit is refunded;
  • The calculation of Custom duty of most goods is based on the CIF value of the goods at a 5% rate. Liquor/alcohol imports are usually subjected to a 50% CIF value custom duty while tobacco products are subjected to full (100%0) CIF value. Most essential products like staple foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals are exempted from custom duty as they are tax free;
  • Documents required by custom authorities are such as goods declaration, certificate of origin, invoice copies and bill of lading among other documents. Due to the changing information on custom requirements, refer to for the latest information.