Oxford provides onshore and offshore companies’ incorporation services in most jurisdictions of the globe – in conventional offshore jurisdictions and in jurisdictions of well developed industrial countries.

Using well planned offshore companies and foreign onshore companies generates beneficial advantages for businessmen when addressing issues such as tax planning and protection of assets.

Our professional consultants will work with you in choosing the most suitable structure and jurisdiction for your company in respect to your specific requirements. In addition to this, they will assist you with the companies prompt registration, provide professional administration as well as support it.

Register your company

It is necessary to consider a number of factors when choosing a jurisdiction. For starters, other than planning objective, it is important to take into account the real business targets and company set up tasks; and the perception of the company by business partners, customers and banks.  In most instances, the top priority factor when choosing a jurisdiction is the business owner’s confidentiality information.

Choice of the suitable jurisdiction for an offshore company incorporation is one of the key aspects when finding solution for customers’ set objectives. This is some of the most common objectives that are resolvable by means of offshore companies:

  • Tax planning within the business’s active part;
  • Export-import  activities with tax optimization;
  • Protection of assets;
  • Optimization of tax within inheritance planning;
  • Capital preservation  on accounts  in foreign banks;
  • Holding and ownership of real estate;
  • Registration of ships and yachts for tax optimization from operational income and change of ownership.