We can assist you in obtaining licenses and registering Cyprus Investment Firms to deal in Forex (FX), under the current Law (MiFID). We maintain a resilient advisory team which will undertake all relevant measures and procedures for successfully establishing a Forex Brokerage and Market Making firm in Cyprus.

We may further provide all necessary support services, deemed necessary for the operation of the Cyprus Forex (FX) firm, through our specialised team of professionals. We have very competitive prices, made possible through our specialisation and unique expertise in the field.
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You may offer Binary Options and/or Forex by applying for the pertinent license to Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) through a Cyprus company. Once you have the license, you may offer certain ancillary and investment services. The investment services include, among others, the following:

  • The completion of orders for the company’s clients;
  • Receiving orders and transmitting them through a number of financial instruments;
  • The ability to use its own account, useful for a company’s ability to be a market maker (a company that operates its own account for the buying and selling of financial instruments at prices set by the company against its proprietary capital).

In the ancillary, or non-core, services (which must be approved by CySEC) the company may offer:

  • The use of and protection over clients’ financial instruments (including key-holding and similar services like management of the clients’ money and collateral items;
  • Allowing loans or credits to go to an investor so that they (the investor) can complete a transaction in which the firm involved is the firm granting the credit; this is necessary for the company to offer different payment solution providers which the Banking or Credit Institutions might block;
  • Foreign currency exchange services connecting to the investment services so that the companies involved in the transaction may exchange currency at compatible prices.


A Cyprus company that desires to provide either Binary Options or Forex or both must have the correct share capital. This capital differs for companies that hold clients’ funds and for those that do not.

For those that do, €200.000 is the minimum fully paid share capital that the firm may invest, and this will ensure that the Binary Options and/or Forex firm provides the investment services seen above, with the exception of operating on its own account. A company that does not hold clients’ funds has an investment floor of €80.000 and may offer the same investment services, with a stipulation that the company may not hold clients’ funds.

If the company wishes to be a Market Maker, then the investment moves up to a minimum fully paid share of €1.000.000 and is authorized to deal on its own account. The Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) may offer the full spectrum of investment services listed above.

CySEC by law must come to a decision of a completed and submitted application in the space of 6 months from the application filing date, and must furthermore notify the applicant of the rejection or acceptance and subsequent authorization of the application. All of the necessary information, along with pertinent documents and other details is necessary to complete the application. CyCEC may request further clarification or details pertaining to the submitted application within the 6-month period.

The Forex market is growing larger day by day. Nowadays, the Forex market is at its growing stage, and there is a big streaming of establishing regulated Forex companies in Cyprus for utilizing all benefits that Cyprus offers. For more information you may download our Fact Sheet No.15 “Cyprus Investment Firms”.