Cyprus Tax Planning

Cyprus Tax Planning and Tax Optimization

Our team of professionals can provide tax consultation on international tax issues and select the most effective vehicle(s) for our clients in order to achieve tax minimization. By identifying the relevant local law considerations we can assist in structuring cross border investments and acquisitions, establish holding corporate structures, repatriation and exit planning.

Cyprus has been highly advantageous as far as the corporate sector is concerned. It boasts of maintaining the lowest corporate taxation rate at 12.5% since its EU membership in 2004. It also prides itself in having double taxation agreements with 45 countries. Due to Cyprus’s low tax jurisdiction, it has received great recognition for offshore company formation.

Legal advice on corporate matters in Cyprus may also be provided by Oxford, since we maintain in house highly experienced corporate lawyers.



Cyprus as a base for International Tax Planning

Investors and professional advisors often use Cyprus as an investment vehicle in order to maximise after tax return on worldwide investments. Such income, deriving from investment activities through Cyprus, shall avail from the provisions of Cyprus tax system and treaty network. Some of the most favourable investment activities which are ideally suited to Cyprus tax environment is the use of holding companies, royalty companies, finance companies and investment funds.

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