Relocating your company to Cyprus

Cyprus continues to be a top international business hub, which is the reason it remains a preferred destination amongst foreigners who conduct international businesses.

International as well as domestic advances and developments have presented additional reasons as to why Cyprus is a top choice for international businesses to relocate. Besides establishing new Cyprus companies, presently more and more already established foreign companies are driven to redomicile to Cyprus, where they have the ability to effectively establish, control and manage their companies. There are also companies which have decided to set up or relocate their main headquarters or reginal headquarters to Cyprus, no matter the scale of their business.

Who should relocate or set up their business in Cyprus:

Why Choose Cyprus?

Why Oxford Tax Solutions:

With almost fifty years of experience in the field, Oxford Tax Solutions can assist clients with all the aspects required for setting up or relocating a company or a company’s headquarters to Cyprus. Oxford Tax Solutions consults and assists in all stages from start to finish. The firm’s services include but is not limited to structural and transaction assistance:

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