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Oxford, boasts of unmatchable experience in incorporation and running of companies in Dubai as well as other UAE’s emirates and abroad. By working with us, our clients get the chance bestowing their trust on our specialists for purposes of incorporation and administration of companies in Dubai as well as other emirates. This makes it possible to concentrate on matters that touch on the business itself.

We will offer valuable help to you in choosing the company’s legal form in Dubai or in other part of UAE, which perfectly addresses your special requirements.  We will assist you in a professional and time efficient manner in incorporating a new company or branch of an already existing company in one of the over 40 FTZ (Free Trade Zones) in the UAE. We will assist you in choosing a bank that best suits your requirements and help you in opening a bank account. Upon request, we also avail full business support on company incorporation in Dubai as well as other UAE emirates.

Incorporating a company in the UAE provides you with an opportunity of considerably minimizing business operations’ taxation.  Additionally, you also operate within a territory that is not considered as an offshore by international control and tax authorities.

Other than business structuring, the UAE also provides an opportunity of being able to hugely lower production costs and or operational support of the business once the business is opened. Thanks to the non-existence of corporate tax for most business activities, income tax exemption, minimal deductions and no additional costs connected to wage payments, the UAE is a highly attractive place of doing business.

UAE s a country has a unique combination of no taxes for most business activities and boasts of double tax treaties network.

Other than outstanding  tax advantages, the UAE boasts of a highly developed infrastructure , cheap energy resources,  suitable geographic location  in the region and  positive contrasts  for business operations through  dynamic and clear legislation.

Presently, thousands of businesses that undertake nearly all business activity types are registered and operate smoothly in Dubai as well as other Free Trade Zones in UAE. These companies are such as trading/ service companies, companies that provide high-tech building industries, logistics, financial & banking services and pharmacy etc.

UAE’s governmental regulatory authorities have created a clear and definitive legislative base for undertaking business in the country. This legislative base has been proven by thousands of foreign companies that successfully operate and carry out business in Dubai as well as other emirates in UAE. Simultaneously, local authorities have continuously improved and polished legislation for further growth of international business in the UAE.

A businessman that chooses Dubai or any other place within UAE for purposes of business incorporation and business management has a one of a kind opportunity to save hugely on taxes. What’s more important is that he/she will not experience any risks on the business’s image – a common concept associated with the use of classic offshore companies.

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