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Oxford is in a position to provide you with an office space solution in either Cyprus or Dubai (UAE).

Our Corporate Department will assist you in setting up a company in any jurisdiction you require in the quickest possible way. Our team is specialised in handling a large number of companies and able to assure that stability and confidentiality remains throughout the whole “life” of each company.

At Oxford we have assisted thousands of companies to promote their business and expand succesfully accross boarders by utilising the benefits that each country may offer. We looking forward assisting you as well.


In the present day, foreign tax authorities are becoming increasingly aggressive on aspects such as tax planning. Due to this, it is economically advantageous to engage in commercial activities in Dubai or in Cyprus so as to reap the full benefits provided by fiscal facilities offered by both jurisdictions.

Virtual office facilities provide a viable solution that seeks to balance the dichotomy that exists between high costs and substance requirements. Oxford provides virtual office facilities at very competitive rates in Limassol, Cyprus and Dubai UAE.

Oxford offers a compact virtual office package that has a fully trained all languages (multi-lingual) handling team that is professionally trained to attend to telephone, facsimile and mail communications. There is also standard visitor management to attend to persons who may visit the premises unannounced or persons who may request to visit the premises.

Therefore, a virtual office is not only a tax planning measure but also a risk-free solution. What’s more important is that serviced office spaces are available in consideration to request from the visitor.

For a client who intends to have a real commercial presence & substance and enjoy high standard secretarial and administrative support while at the same time you do not rent out expensive physical office room/space (other than paper presence) we provide Enhanced Virtual Office Services. These services combine the commercial substance and the virtual element at very affordable rates.


We work towards the enhancement of Virtual Office experience at very affordable costs. This is specifically beneficial to clients who do not intend to lease physical space but are interested in the advantages offered by the physical space.

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