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The Oxford Team specializes in the creation and administration of trusts in Cyprus under the “International Trusts (Amending) Law of 2011” and in various jurisdictions under the respective legislation.

We provide trustee services to large multinational corporations quoted on organised stock exchanges as well as high net worth individuals. Trust assets held comprise of cash, bank deposits, shares, jewellery, real estate and other tangible or intangible property.

We maintain professional trustees to act as trustees for any kind of trusts.

Our clientele includes large multinational corporations and individuals who set up trusts for various reasons including asset protection, tax planning and inheritance planning.

For many years we have worked and assisted our clients to identify their estate planning needs and administer their trusts through our professional team of trustees, tax advisors, lawyers and trust administrators dedicated to provide comprehensive professional services.

A unique combination of benefits offered by Cyprus International Trust is the asset protection and access to the wide network of the double tax treaties in addition to zero tax on income or capital.

For more information about Cyprus International Trusts you may download: FACT SHEET No. 6 International Trusts.

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