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Corporate & Commercial Law


Legal advice on corporate matters in Cyprus is provided by Oxford preferred associates D.F. Achilleos & Associates LLC, a law firm with highly experienced corporate lawyers. The lawyers also provide legal representation on a large variety of corporate matters in Cyprus.

We confidently offer corporate services that lie under Cyprus corporate law that touches on matters such as company formation and administration.

Our preferred associates D. F. Achilleos & Associates LLC can assist you with the following:

  • reviewing and/or drafting, negotiating of loan agreements, shareholders agreements, share purchase agreements, subscription agreements, escrow, pledge and guarantee agreements;
  • providing Legal Opinions;
  • performing due diligence investigations and providing legal due diligence reports;
  • advice on corporate and tax matters;
  • Escrow Agency services;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • reviewing and/or drafting, negotiating real estate Sale and Tenancy agreements;
  • refinancing and real estate financing;
  • searching at the Land Registry Office for identifying any possible incumbencies on immovable properties;
  • assistance with all matters relating to Land Registry Office ;
  • assistance to obtain relevant permission from the Council of Ministers (if required) for acquiring immovable property in Cyprus;
  • assistance for transferring and registering the title deed.


Cyprus has been highly advantageous as far as the corporate sector is concerned. It boasts of maintaining the lowest corporate taxation rate at 12.5% since its EU membership in 2004. It also prides itself in having double taxation agreements with 45 countries. Due to Cyprus’s low tax jurisdiction, it has received great recognition for offshore company formation.

We ensure that the legality of all commercial transactions is upheld at all times. Further, we also facilitate the smooth flow of business processes while at the same time ensure that we offer quality advice on corporate agreements and documents. These are documents such as SPAs (Sales and Purchase Agreements), pledges, SHAs (Shareholders Agreements), Promissory Notes and Loan Agreements among other important documents. What’s more important is that we also offer other exclusive services on offshore companies in Cyprus.

We go a step further by undertaking steps such as judicial representation on all legal matters touching on Cyprus Companies Act (Cap.113).These are matters such as capital reductions, restructurings and MAA amendments among other important corporate litigation matters.

Corporate & Commercial Law​

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